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The Challenge


The Chapel of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague Franklin school in France has not seen any real renovations since it was built in 1934. The interior design firm Agence Duthilleul et Agence Eurogip was hired to renew and restore the chapel to its former glory with a modern design. The interior design firm worked closely with lighting sculptor Patrick Rimoux to provide architectural lighting to enhance the modern uses of the Chapel today.


A primary requirement of the redesign was to adapt to the liturgical needs of the Chapel for younger generations, most often celebrating on the ground floor of the Chapel. The lighting design by Patrick Rimoux was at the heart of the renovation that was completed in late 2021.


The Chapel of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague has a rich history. Nestled in the heart of the school, the Chapel of more than 900 sq meters was built on three floors by the architect Henry Violet in 1934. The grand staircase, designed by Fr. de Vauplane, rector, is like that of the chapel of the pontifical pavilion presented at the colonial exhibition in Paris in 1931. It is at the top of this majestic staircase that the nuncio Roncalli, future Pope John XXIII, came to celebrate Franklin's fiftieth anniversary in June 1947. 


The Solution

The design team decided to use Linear LED lighting for ease of installation in the historical building. The interior designer partnered with Soliled to supply the right lighting and lighting control to meet the requirements of the project. Soliled chose Xicato’s Flexible Linear Lighting (XFL) due to the minimal work required to install, variety of light output with controls, beam angle and superior quality of the light.


“For the overall lighting of the 1st and 2nd floors, we used XFL in 2700K to provide a warmer light effect,” said Felix Bensadoun, Director at Soliled. “XFL Static White in 6000K was installed around the outline of the Chapel's cross in the ceiling to brightly illuminate the space from far overhead. A blue cover was placed over the XFL to provide the dynamic color of the approved design.”


The XFL is 95 CRI and offers key attributes such as high R9, Gamut and Fidelity to provide industry leading color saturation that was needed for the many different types of lighting within the Chapel.


The Result

The foundation raised the funds to pay for the renovation and the community is overjoyed with the results. 


Location: Paris, France

Lighting Sculptor: Patrick Rimoux

Interior Designer: Agence Duthilleul et Agence Eurogip

Lighting Solution: Xicato XFL

Lighting Supplier and Controls System Integrator: Soliled

Photo Credits: Agency Patrick Rimoux

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