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Obtaining certification requires undergoing a stringent evaluation process by a third-party assessor of its organizational processes aimed at sustainability. The scope of eldoLED’s ISO 14001 certification and related auditing encompasses designing, configuring, and distribution of intelligent drive solutions for LED based lighting systems for their Eindhoven, Netherlands facility.

ISO 14001, part of ISO 9001, is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). The 14001 section helps organizations minimize operations’ negative environmental affects, comply with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements, and keep improving. Progress in all areas is assessed annually.

“It has become increasingly important that our drivers and products have a low impact on the environment,” said Bharath Kodali, Senior Director Product Management Components, eldoLED. “We have always positioned ourselves as a company that anticipates developments, which requires us to take a leading position when it comes to the environment. ISO 14001 certification means we’re always improving and continuing to set the bar higher with new solutions to be at the forefront of sustainability.”

The evaluation process to obtain ISO 14001 reviews multiple aspects of the company, ranging from production and supply chains to energy consumption. In preparing for the audit, eldoLED paid special attention to three major themes for review, which included local laws and regulations, environmental health, safety, and security, and their participation in Acuity Brands’ EarthLIGHT sustainability program.

"Working in a small group, we reviewed our current processes to determine what needed to be done to become compliant with all items listed in ISO 14001," said Sarah Cheikh, Facility Manager, eldoLED. "It turned out that we are already meeting the requirements on many points, however, we set up an environmental quality system to monitor deviations and create structural change where necessary. Additionally, we switched to ISO 14001/9001-certified suppliers for our highest volume business. Complying with ISO certification is a big commitment, so implementing a strategy for us means working with parties along the chain who are using the same standard.”

eldoLED also adheres to the Red List Building Materials directive, which specifies chemicals designated as harmful to humans and other living creatures and/or the environment, and encourages project teams to avoid use. While very few chemicals are used, they stringently follow proper storage and disposal requirements.

In looking to the future, the eldoLED team plans to continue improving efficiency of their products and further greening their Son facility. To generate clean, renewable energy, 1100 solar panels were placed on the roof of the facility. When solar energy is not available, 100% locally sourced green wind power is used. Plastics used are biodegradable or recycled, and shipments are strategically combined so transport planning and fuel usage is optimized.

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