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Sedus Smart Office - Dogern, Germany


Based in Dogern (Waldshut), Germany, Sedus Stoll AG is a leading full-service supplier of office equipment and workplace concepts. In a space with plenty of natural light, artificial light control is mandatory.


As daylight changes during the day and from season to season, also the artificial light in the Sedus offices continuously change intensity and colour temperature. This continuous, non-synchronised movement of small groups of luminaires at very short intervals, e.g. every 8 minutes, results in a total sense of well-being for those who work in the space, as every slightest light colour that is determined is captured by the skin and eyes as in a real forest. The workstations are adjustable and "ad personam".


RGBW luminaires together with Tunable White and natural light create different lighting situations: sunset, sunrise, cloudy weather, twinkle and reflection. The temporal dynamics are defined by the sequences of Fibonacci numbers.The project facilitates the circadian rhythm and is experimental in its temporal dynamics of light change. Moreover it is this research project based on the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine, since dynamic light in offices is fundamental for our biological clock and our well-being.


There was a need to programm each single space and room and to define both a daily as well as a seasonal dynamic change of the light colour and colour temperature of light.


Using Casambi made it easy to create groups of different luminaires, to programm them and to manage the lighting easily via App. Furthermore the connectivity via Casambi saved time and money in the installation of the plant and the use of the casambi lighting switch without the need of cables.