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Retail Woodstock Furniture


Filamento provided Woodstock Furniture & Mattress with an LED lighting retrofit that showcases their furniture in a retail environment. The Filamento lights increased light levels by 4x, creating a better visual display of the furniture on the sales floor. They started with their flagship store and rolled it out into all of their locations.

Over the past three decades, Woodstock Furniture & Mattress outside Atlanta, GA has evolved from a warehouse furniture store to a mid-range emporium with quality pieces at affordable prices. It grew steadily as the surrounding region’s population expanded and prospered. As Woodstock expanded and experienced more success, Brian Aaron, Woodstock’s executive vice president, decided that the lighting needed to be improved to better showcase the furniture showroom.

Brian noticed that their store HID lighting did not provide the showroom quality lighting to showcase their higher-end pieces properly. They needed a brighter showroom, with a warm feel and less glare. They also needed lighting that accentuates the fabric textures, patterns, and colors of the furniture. Ideally the new lights will also help reduce the maintenance costs and save energy.

Woodstock had tried other LED lighting but found it unsatisfactory because they all had too much glare that attracted unwanted attention to the lights rather highlighting the furniture on display. Filamento approached the company with a proposal for a side-by-side comparison test against their current HID and a competitor LED lights. The results are real eye-openers.

In the front part of the store where Woodstock displays its living room and bedroom furnishing, the new lights increased brightness from 20 footcandles to 80 footcandles. According to Brian, “It was like a very sunny day versus a cloudy day that was about to storm”.

In addition, Brian stated, “Customers are able to choose the materials and colors they like a lot quicker with the new lights. The new lights made the fabric material ‘pop out’. Under our old lights, the colors and textures of the fabrics were washed-out and indistinguishable from each other.”

Based on such positive results, Woodstock has ordered the retrofitting of their lighting with Filamento products for all their stores. Brian considers it a wise investment that will attract new and existing customers, improve the image of the store, pick up sales and benefit the company’s bottom line. Aaron stated, “The new lighting has definitely contributed to the increase in sales we are experiencing.” He sees many sunny days ahead.