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D-Cube City Mall - Heartbeat City, Seoul, Korea


The brand-new D-Cube City Mall in Seoul, Korea, opened its doors at the end of August 2011. With its exceptional size and spectacular design, the latest landmark in the south-west of Seoul stands out from all other buildings in the proximity.


The complex consists of a 51-storey apartment building as well as a 42-storey mega-mall, which is home to a hotel, office space, department stores, an arts and culture centre, restaurants, relaxing green spaces, a theatre as well as a theme park for children. A park-like outdoor area, designed with much attention to detail, 

is available for everyone to enjoy.


The challenge of harmoniously blending traditional, Korean elements with a modern ambience was readily accepted by the architecture firm, The Jerde Partnership. The architects succeeded in creating something that really stands out from the crowd: a 6-storey indoor waterfall. The mall’s “nature and culture” theme 

is reflected throughout the entire huge complex. Far from being another conventional shopping centre, the D-Cube City Mall is an experience in itself for young and old.


Without doubt, the lighting concept inside the mall also adds to the experience. The possibility of blending two white tones (2700 K and 4500 K) to create numerous different colour temperatures was decisive for using Vossloh-Schwabe's DualWhite AluLED modules. Warm white begins the day in the mornings, cool white takes over around midday and warm white finishes the day in the evenings. The lighting system in the complex thus mimics natural light, which mall visitors find particularly pleasant and natural.