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Combo Hostels - Turin, Italy


Combo Hostel is a modern hospitality and meeting point located in Porta Palazzo, one of the most lively and culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Turin. The building was opened in 1883 as the Fire Brigade Barracks. In 1990 it became a derelict site and now, after three years of hard work, it shows its' new nature.

The interiors of the building were entirely renovated but respecting the building's history. First and second floors are used for lodging and the ground floor for many activities, a grand living-room as if it was a big house, open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, intended for people who begin work at four a.m. as well as people who enjoy late evenings.

The ground floor of the Hostel has an expansive bar, a restaurant, a kitchen laboratory and several areas for shows and cultural events, an art gallery and a small corner shop.

The lighting had therefore to be versatile and easily adjustable to fit different tasks in the space at different times of the day. There are luminiares with a color temperature of 2700 K to create comfort, there is RGBW luminaires to light the space with white light during the day but to be changed to different colours during the evening hours. In accordance with the various moods of this place, the architects wanted to create the perfect light for a party as well as for intimate dinners, for presentations of a new book as well as for the exhibition of emerging artists.

To realize the project a flexible and innovative control system was needed in terms of usability by the different operators of the structure. An instrument that really managed to get into everyday life. "We didn’t have to adapt the project to the technical limits, it was Casambi that made all our lighting needs possible".

Casambi is used to control lighting in all Combo hostels.